Completing the range of Desatools kitchen blowtorches.

DESA increases it range of Desatools brand high quality kitchen blowtorches, increasing its range from one to three models.

The two new additions, models K2 and K3, have been designed specifically for culinary use. Both kitchen blowtorches are high performance compared to the more compact model which has been available until now, the K3 being the most suitable for intensive professional use.

Among their multiple advantages, the following characteristics stand out:

  • They are light and very manageable
  • They come equipped with a comfortable ergonomic rubber handle
  • Their bases are non-detachable, thereby ensuring that the blowtorches remain safely in an upright position
  • Their piezo-electric ignition is simple, instantaneous and safe
  • Suitable for working at any angle
  • They are easily recharged with universal lighter gas, available at any hardware store or tobacconist

The whole range of DESA (Desatools) kitchen blowtorches are packaged in attractive individual blister packs, perfect for sale in hardware stores and related outlets.

Soldadores K2 y K3