Renewed range of MS mounting adhesives.

DESA presents its renewed range of new generation polymer based sealers and MS mounting adhesives. The range consists of two new additions and a restyling of the labels to clearly differentiate between the three variants using a color code.

The new MS-Transparente and the new MS-Express have been added to the classic MS-Pro Multimaterial. Each one offers different specific properties which make them ideal for covering the adhesive and sealing needs of multiple materials in construction, industry, carpentry and bodywork.

MS-Pro Multimaterial continues to be the elastic sealer of choice.
MS-Transparente is the new elastic adhesive sealer with a transparent finish, and MS-Express is the new adhesive with great initial grip and ultra fast drying.

The whole MS range stands out for the following characteristics:

  • It does not contain solvents or isocyanates
  • Good adhesion on wet surfaces. Can be applied underwater
  • Good performance against ultraviolet rays. Does not turn yellow on outdoor applications
  • Does not require one of the surfaces to be porous
  • Paintable: as soon as the first skin has formed

In order to facilitate and encourage sales, DESA can provide a new point of sale counter display for 12 tins of any of the 3 formulas.


Nueva Gama MSDisplay MS